Frequently Asked Questions

During my electrical appointment, will I lose power?

It depends on services being rendered but most likely! Especially if we are working in the panel plan on the power being out. Please note this will also affect the power for your Wifi and could impact anyone who is virtually working from home or doing school from home.

The Electrician is going to be working in my kitchen/bathroom cabinets, should I clean them out?

Yes! If the electrician is going to be running power through your cabinets and walls it will be VERY dusty!

I just had a service panel change and noticed there are poles sticking up in my backyard, what’s up with that?

These will need to be up and visible to the Inspector to verify grounding. After the inspection is passed, we will hammer them into the ground.

Does Legacy Electric have a Warranty?

Legacy Electric will Warranty’s all labor and materials for one year.

What Covid-19 precautions are you taking?

Our technicians are practicing basic infection control practices, as well as mask-wearing. If you are immunocompromised and require additional social distancing and/or contactless payments we can accommodate.

$149 for your Service Call rate? That is so expensive!

We do not charge a diagnosis fee as our technicians are trained to identify and repair the issue at the same time. We do have a 1 hour minimum to send someone out to you, and we advise our customers to have a list of electrical concerns and questions prepared for the tech to get the most value for your money.

I want to schedule and estimate, what do I do?

You can either call our Office at (720) 985-1497 during business hours, or BOOK HERE 24/7. You can even pick your own tech!

My Power just went off, what should I do?

There may be a power outage in the neighborhood. We recommend calling XCEL ENERGY to check their plans to restore power.

My Power is still off and there are no known power outages in the area

If you were using a certain appliance (hairdryer, extension cord, vacuum, blender) look at the outlet and nearby outlets to see if there is a GFCI outlet that was “tripped”. There may be a button to press to reset it. If that doesn’t work or you can’t find the outlet, unplug the appliance in question. Go outside to the service panel and look for a breaker that is out of place or positioned differently than the others. TURN the breaker to the OFF position, then turn it BACK to ON.

My power is still not working!

Ok let’s try and reset the main breaker. Go back out to the main panel and look for the main disconnect, this will be a big switch. Turn it ALL THE WAY OFF. NOW TURN OFF EVERY SINGLE BREAKER! Wait 30 seconds and TURN TO MAIN SWITCH BACK ON. Ok, now every 7-10 seconds slowly turn every breaker back on. If this doesn’t work please call Legacy Electric (720) 985-1497.

Legacy Electric is Licensed and Insured, why does that matter? My Uncle Joe can wire this garage up for me in no time and save me a pretty penny!

Would you be comfortable co-signing for an automobile with Uncle Joe? This is the similar risk you take! If you do not hire a licensed contractor YOU are the GENERAL CONTRACTOR to YOUR OWN
HOUSE and ASSUME ALL LIABILITY! This goes for injuries, mistakes, permitting, and when you go to sell your home it could end up a huge headache. Plus, it takes a lot of work to do the right thing and be a legitimate business, let’s work together to keep you and your loved ones safe!

I heard we are supposed to get a permit, how does that work?

Legacy Electric has close relationships with City and County Inspectors and recommend Permits on Electrical Jobs that require an inspection. We can discuss more during your estimate when we go over planning. Legacy Electric will pull a permit as the Electrical Contractor, and after work is complete our office will schedule it with the City. We will let you know what time the electrical inspection window is, but sometimes we do not even know until the day of!

About Us

Meet our Owner James Tirone. He is a 3rd generation electrician and is a born and raised Colorado Native. He was around the trade as a child and completed the International Electrical Contractors Trade School in Billings, MT in 2005. He then moved back to Denver Colorado and worked for local Sales-driven electrical companies where his vision and values did not align. He wanted to create a company with honest communication, transparent pricing, and not selling customers products they don’t need. Legacy Electric was then created in 2011 and gets better every year! 

James loves the Denver Broncos, taking his social butterfly daughter and her friends out to the lake, watching his son play basketball, and watching his other son dirtbike. When he does get a free moment, he loves traveling with his wife, fly-fishing, or a round of golf.

Jaclyn Tirone came on board with Legacy Electric in 2016. She was and still is a Registered Nurse and brings the nursing process and corporate training with her to Legacy. She is also co-owner and helps James with Employee Development, Quality Assurance and Project Management. 

This isn’t her only job though as she is a “Part-time Stay-at-home mom”. She loves managing her household and three teenagers as they are growing up in an increasingly changing world. She still has the opportunity to put work aside and appreciate her family.

In her spare time Jaclyn loves yoga, hiking, and reading.

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